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About Fanszing

Fanszing is a content sharing platform where people can come together for learning & entertainment whilst rewarding its contributors with payouts. 

Our goal is to enrich our members with knowledge and allow anyone to work and/or profit online with no borders. The platform was built during the Covid-19 pandemic, and so we saw a need for a platform where people could instantly sign up and continue working or learning but in the comfort of their own home.

What makes Fanszing different?

Fanszing is focused on enriching people's lives through education and monetization. Although we don’t ban or block adult content on our site, we don’t encourage or promote the use of it. We want to promote the platform to people as a space and tool where people can grow, whether that be financially, increasing knowledge and education, or for growing their personal and professional networks.

The Future

We have a lot planned for Fanszing and our team is already working on new features and offerings that we’re sure our community will love. Our aim is to never stop innovating and modernizing the site so that our members never get bored and always have access to the latest online learning and working tools.

Here are just some of the features and offerings we’re working on at the moment.

  • Business Platform designed for businesses to offer their services, products and/or consultations on the site. As a business user, you will be able to run all, or most of your business online.

  • Auctions platform that allows members to auction physical and virtual products (video, live stream, image, document etc.) online. Unlike normal posts which all site members can buy or subscribe to, an auction runs once and is only sold to the highest bidder, making the product or service you’re selling/offering more in demand, unique and “special” are only the highest bidder (one person) get by.